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CCR Sport ProTrack 3rd Bike Extender

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The ProTrack 3rd Bike Extender is used when needing to transport three motorcycles in your vehicle and allows you to stagger the center motorcycle back in order to provide clearance for all three motorcycles handlebars. Gone are the days of backing in the center bike, or staggering it back by ramming the front tire into a stand or tool box. Simple bolt the ProTrack 3rd Bike Extender into position on the ProTrack and load up. It's just that easy!


  • It's easy, position the ProTrack 3rd Bike Extender anywhere you like along the ProTrack, lock it in, load up and hit the road.
  • Installing, re-positioning and removal take just a few seconds with the supplied wrench.
  • Staggers the middle bike in order to provide clearance for the two outside bikes.


  • TIG welded construction.
  • Exclusive fastening system.
  • Zinc plated and powder coated.

Note: ProTrack components are designed to work exclusively with the CCR Sport ProTrack. If any modifications are made what so ever to the ProTrack component, including modification to be used on another track, or installation, CCR Sport is not liable for any malfunction of the component and any warranty is void.


Questions about this product, please contact us M-F 8am-6pm MST at: (208) 817-1000, or email: sales@ccrsport.com

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