ProTrack Motorcycle Wheel Chock - Silver

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If you're like most of use, you've likely had the front wheel slip on the front of your trucks bed when tied down, causing your motorcycle to lean and the tie down straps to come loose. The ProTrack Motorcycle Wheel Chock exclusively fits the CCR Sport ProTrack and solves that problem. The tapered design accommodates any size tire, from bicycles to large cruiser tires. The wheel slot locks in your front tire and keeps your bike nice and straight.


The ProTrack Wheel Chock is easy to use. Simply place the chock anywhere on the CCR Sport ProTrack, lock it down and load up your bikes. The wheel chock can be added, removed or re-positioned on the ProTrack in just a couple of seconds with a simple twist of the supplied wrench. The tapered design holds your front wheel in place and prevents tire slip on the front of your hauler.


  • Rugged high-grade steel alloy construction.
  • Zinc plated and powder coated.
  • Includes special track fastening system and wrench.

Note: ProTrack components are designed to work exclusively with the CCR Sport ProTrack. If any modifications are made what so ever to the ProTrack component, including modification to be used on another track, or installation, CCR Sport is not liable for any malfunction of the component and any warranty is void.


Questions about this product, please contact us M-F 8am-6pm MST at: (208) 817-1000, or email:

Warranty Information

LIMITED WARRANTY: CCR Sport offers a limited warranty against manufacture defects. The limited warranty applies to original owner of this CCR Sport product and covers any defects in workmanship. CCR Sport will repair or replace merchandise at its discretion within three years from the date of purchase. The limited warranty is only valid if the products are installed and used properly. Any miss use of the product, or alteration from its original, new condition voids the limited warranty. Normal wear and tear, damage from misuse, accidents, or modification are not covered by the limited warranty. Plating, paint, powder coat or any other coatings are not covered under the limited warranty. Wear and tear from weather, chemicals and lack of maintenance to the product void the limited warranty. If you believe that your CCR Sport product is defective, please contact customer support. If we acknowledge that there may be a problem with your CCR Sport product, CCR Sport will repair or replace the defective item at its sole discretion. The customer will pay freight to return the product for any warranty claim and CCR Sport will pay applicable freight charges for the return freight. Unauthorized returns will be refused. Purchaser understands that CCR Sport has no responsibility for the attachment of its products to vehicles or the attachment of items to CCR Sport products. CCR Sport does not assume any responsibility for damage to any property from improper attachment or use of CCR Sport products. This limited warranty does not cover damages of any kind that comes from improper use of any CCR Sport product.

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