Mercedes Sprinter Van Moto Rack

Mercedes Sprinter Van Moto Rack

Published by Kris Keefer @keeferinctesting on Jan 24th 2020

Keefer Inc, Testing, an online source for "Straight up, honest tests for real riders" reviews the CCR Sport ProTrack Sprinter Van Moto Rack.

People always ask me “Hey Keefer, when you going to build the inside of your Mercedes Sprinter Van”? I always come back with “I am not rich and I don’t have that kind of money”. Sure I would love to get some cabinets for chemicals and a tire rack in there, but I am not to sold on installing a partition behind my rear bench seat quite yet. I have been basically putting my bikes against my bench seat for two years! Yeah, I know…That’s not very professional. I at least wanted to install a rack with wheel chocks just so my bikes can be locked in more securely. I called Chris Cooley of CCR Sport whose been in the motocross industry for a long time. I worked with Chris when he was a test rider at Dirt Rider and MX Racer Magazine. I told him I just wanted some sort of moto rack in my van so I can get my motorcycle tires off the back of my bench seat. Chris sent me their Sprinter Pro Track Moto X-3 Kit for my Mercedes and I thought why not put up a review.


The Sprinter ProTrack Moto X-3 Kit is a cargo track that mounts to the back side of the passenger bench seat in your Sprinter Van. You can use the fully adjustable track to secure any type of cargo you may need to transport. The X-3 Moto Kit includes a couple of CCR Sport’s ProTrack wheel chocks for transporting two motorcycles, bicycles or scooters, plus the ProTrack third bike extender for adding a third bike for when three riding buddies is better than two.


Two uniquely designed seat base mounts easily attach to the factory seat base. The ProTrack is attached to the seat base mounts creating a very sturdy option for securing cargo to the rear of the Sprinter passenger seat. The Sprinter ProTrack assembly stays installed when you remove the seat from the van, so no extra work having to remove your rack when you need added space. Primarily used for transporting dirt bikes, the track has been used for our bicycles, scooters/groms, and just about any other cargo you need to secure for safe transport.


• Mounts to factory rear passenger seat bases creating a sturdy cargo rack.

• Stays attached to seat, therefore no removal needed for additional space.

• Fully adjustable and extremely durable tie down hooks.

• Great for securely transporting all kinds of cargo, including motorcycles, bicycles, scooters and much more.


• ProTrack is manufactured from 6063 extruded aluminum and clear anodized.

• Seat Base Mounts are laser cut and formed from steel alloy and powder coated for an attractive and durable finish.

• Components are manufactured from high-grade steel alloy and are Zinc plated and powder coated for an attractive, long lasting finish.


• (1) ProTrack

• (2) Sprinter Seat Base Mounts.

• (3) ProTrack Tie Down Loops.

• (2) ProTrack MC Wheel Chock

• (1) ProTrack 3rd Bike Extender

• (1) Required installation hardware kit with instructions.

• Additional components can be purchased separately.


The CCR Sport Protrack Moto Kit literally took me 45 minutes to install. I am not a great mechanic by any means, but this Protrack kit was basic and straightforward. I simply used a step drill and a 5/16 drill bit and then bolted it right up to the frame of my bench seat. I now can load up three bikes with ease and have them firmly in place without the front wheels moving around on me while in transport. I like that I can get a third bike in the van without having to load it backwards as the third bike extender makes it simple for easy loading and unloading. I know it doesn't seem like much, but this CCR Protrack kit makes my life a lot easier when going riding with my kid. At $399.99 this was a fairly inexpensive way for me to make my Sprinter less ghetto.

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